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Post By Ken Francis
Fantastic now to be able to get Portuguese wines direct from central warehouse. Having part lived each year in Portugal for the past 35 yrs., we have grown to the beautiful varieties produced from all over the country, along with the delightful people. For us their is no equal to the pure elegance of wines from the various regions. Please continue to build on this new major undertaking for your wine industry, rest assured the support from the UK will Build up in future no doubt. One small quibble, my first earlier delivery was top class, my latest delivery [pre Xmas] two and half weeks. Would in future purchases, like box a little earlier please, Ken Francis UK

Post By Tina Holmes
Excellent wines and customer services are second to none. Thank you for another delivery.

Post By Liva Jensen-Aalborg - Denmark
Great way to get the port wines that i can't find here in Aalborg. Will order again very soon. Thanks Liva


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