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Post By Jacky Long
I love the selection and quality of the wine. Only downside for me is that delivery time is unpredictable and can vary wildly. If you were ordering for a special event I would recommend ordering a month in advance. Apart from that...absolutely brilliant!

Post By Julian Griffiths
really enjoyed the wines from Portugal vineyards . originally looking for a good supplier of white port and they are certainly that . they have got the transport costs of shipping from Portugal down to a sensible level - well done . my one hope is that as they such a large range of value wines they might do what the wine society do and that is offer cases of 12 mixed so we can try more of their hugwe range .

Post By Lorcan Byrne
the service and quality of wine supplied by Portugal Vineyards is exceptional . Delivery is prompt and at a very reasonable charge. Overall you could not ask for anything better.


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