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We’ve received or 5th order from this company. Delivery is always within 2-3 weeks and we can’t fault the selection, it’s all good quality, we’ll priced wines. I’ve recommended it to friends who have become customers too, you really can’t beat it.
Postado por rosie Graham


Ich liebe vor allem den portugisischen Landwein "Mateus" als Rosé seit Jahren und neu als Weisswein mit einem feinen Limettengeschmack. Über Portugalvinegards bekomme ich diese Weine jederzeit und kurzfristig geliefert - wirklich ein toller Service, herzlichen Dank.
Postado por Werni Wassermann


Enchanting choice, well informed, reliable
Postado por Consumer


Great service; very friendly and helpful staff: everything as agreed for a very good price and a fast & relieable delivery. This amazing e-commerce will help put the Scandinavian alco-monopolies out of business as it should :)
Postado por Martin


Prompt efficient and easy to use.
Postado por Mary Marley


great wine great price and very fast delivery thank you
Postado por Mr Glenn


Very good. Not only the variety of wines, honest prices and extreme precision in the delivery of products.
Postado por João Mesquita


Meine Einkäufe von Wein ob rot oder weiss waren bisher immer von ausgezeichneter Qualität begleitet und bekommen größtes Lob von meiner Seite, Top Portugal
Postado por Eduard


Since I haven’t been able to travel to Portugal for a couple of years, I was missing some of my favourite wines. I found them all on this site at great prices and they were delivered quickly and efficiently. Thanks!
Postado por Peter Loughlin


Very fast Shipping to Germany and really delicious red wine from Lisboa. I will order again in this store
Postado por Willie Wonka


User-friendly website with competitive prices. Very helpful customer service when I needed to change delivery date. Excellent all round & highly recommended.
Postado por Ann


I have been buying wines from Portugalvineyards for many years & after some early teething problems their service, particularly their prompt delivery service, is now first class. Their product range has always been excellent with wines to suit all tastes & budgets. I live in France with it's own excellent wine choices but a regular delivery from Portugal is a must.
Postado por Peter Butterworth


Portugal Vineyards has comprehensive website. It is simple to use. The value is excellent and shipping costs are clearly displayed.
Communication re: handling, shipping and delivery is clear and delivery times are around 6-7 days. Living in Northern Ireland, the process post-Brexit is slick, delivery faster and there are no 'extra' charges / difficulties (just make sure 'N. Ireland' appears in your address. My favourite wine is probably the popular Vidigal Porta 6 red.
Postado por Ron McBride


After visiting Madeira and trying a bottle of Portuguese wine and liking it,when we got home I searched for it and found it at Portugal vineyards in stock and at the right price. We placed the order and received 6 bottles within 5 days. We were kept up to date with the progress of our order. Excellent service.
Postado por stephen


Really !! Nothing happened and that is perfect!! It's been a year now that I have been buying portuguese wines from Portugal Vineyrads and the quality of the products, the prices and their service is ... super!!
Postado por Angelo


I have been a customer of Portugal Vineyards for just over one year and I have placed a number of orders with them. I have found that this company is very professional in all aspects of my purchasing experience.
The selection of wines on offer is excellent both in price and variety and I have been very satisfied with my selections.
I have and will continue to recommend Portugal Vineyards to my friends and family and those who have placed orders are as impressed with the quality of the wines as I am.
Postado por John Brown


great service
Postado por Mr Glenn


Very easy to use website, great prices and punctual delivery.
Postado por John Grandfield


Good quality of wines. Fast delivery. Keeps the cliënt alway posted on the status of the shipment. Top company
Postado por Hennie Van Den Heuvel


Excellent company. I have bought wine from this company for some time now. The staff are helpful and the wine is good. I don't hesitate to recommend their services.
Postado por Peter Lawson


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Esta é a derradeira viagem ao estilo do Novo Mundo, às novas técnicas de vinificação, aos vinhos de castas simples, aos vinhos biológicos e às regiões vinícolas em ascensão com uma cuidadosa seleção de 12 garrafas na faixa de preço premium, geralmente as reservas e colheitas selecionadas de cada produtor. Os nossos casos mistos são viagens temáticas ao mundo dos vinhos portugueses. Mais do que o preço da seleção, é o valor dos vinhos, a história por trás de cada rótulo e a extrema qualidade de cada garrafa.
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Livro de visitas ( 2084 )

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We’ve received or 5th order from this company. Delivery is always within 2-3 weeks and we can’t ...
Postar por Werni Wassermann
Ich liebe vor allem den portugisischen Landwein "Mateus" als Rosé seit Jahren und neu als Weisswein ...
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Enchanting choice, well informed, reliable
Postar por Martin
Great service; very friendly and helpful staff: everything as agreed for a very good price and a fas ...