UP TO 21% OFF in original Christmas presents, the Madeira wines

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UP TO 21% OFF in original Christmas presents, the Madeira wines

One thing we look in a product when it’s to offer, it’s the originality. We want to offer presents that will surprise our friends and specially that no one else will remember to do the same.
In terms of wines you can choose between different countries of origin, different wine regions but in the end it will be a red, white or rosé wine.
Even with Ports, you will have to go for the dated ones such as the Colheitas or Vintages because otherwise you will risk being offering a category of Port that it’s not a novelty for your friend.
The Madeira wines don’t have that risk because it’s unique wines from a small island in the Atlantic ocean.
And in terms of Madeiras you can choose from the sweetest type, great in the end of a meal pairing a dessert, or the driest ones, that can be drink as an aperitif.
It’s a very versatile type of wine that suits everyone and even for those who don’t drink wine, it’s a wine that most renowned chefs use to prepare meat dishes.
If you never drunk a Madeira wine than you will have to try it but probably you already tasted the aromas and flavours of this unique wine in a meat sauce.
We invite you to check our selection of Madeira wines from Justinos, Blandy’s and Henriques Henriques, all with a great discount opportunity and most of all great for the upcoming Christmas season.

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Esta é a melhor viagem pelo estilo de vinho do Velho Mundo. As antigas técnicas de vinificação, as vinhas velhas, o estilo classico e o cuidadoso envelhecimento em madeira, com uma seleção cuidadosa de 6 garrafas na faixa de preços super premium, vinhos dentro da gama de preços de €20 e geralmente os vinhos de qualidade de topo de cada produtor.
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