Our selection of Malmsey Madeira Wines to end the summer days with a great mood

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Our selection of Malmsey Madeira Wines to end the summer days with a great mood

Summer has a special effect on us and it’s when we are in the mood for a drink after a good meal. The natural choice for a digestive is a fortified wine and the sweet madeira wines are perfect because you can drink it cold or even with ice.
One of the sweetest madeira types are the wines made from the grape variety Malvasia or Malmsey, the first grape variety to be planted in the island of Madeira and originated from Crete.
Malvasia has always been treated with tremendous attention and care, producing wines which are greatly appreciated and sought after. Some wines fetch astronomical prices in auctions.
This style of wine is characterised by its dark colour, rich texture, and coffee-caramel flavors. Like other Madeiras made from the noble grape varieties, the Malvasia grape has naturally high levels of acidity in the wine, which balances with the high sugar levels.
Check our selection of Malvasia sweet Madeira wines and enjoy the summer days with a dessert wine that will make you even more happy.

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