Check our bestselling Brandy with great discount opportunities

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Check our bestselling Brandy with great discount opportunities

Going in a different direction we selected twelve of our bestselling Brandys.
There is two major kind of Brandy in our selection, the young ones also called Aguardente, that results from the distilled wine and can be bottled or used to fortify wines such as port.
This kind of Brandy can also be aged and make old Brandy (aguardente velha) and you will find in our selection some old brandy with 40 years old that can rival with most of the prestigious brandy around the globe.
Take a look at the famous Aliança XO 40 Anos Brandy, one of the best from Portugal and the great discount in an historical producer, Caves Velhas, the Fim de Século 40 years Old Brandy.
The second type of Brandy is the Aguardente bagaceira, made from pomace as a way to prevent waste after the wine season.
This type of Brandy is very common in some wine region like the Vinho Verde or Bairrada, and you will find in the Aveleda Adega Velha and Messias Aguardente Bagaceira a great way to taste this type with the incentive of a good discount opportunity.
The great think about old Brandy is that all the bottles come in a premium box that is great to offer to someone special in any type of occasion.
Have you already tried Portuguese Brandy? Either way if the answer is no you have in here some great opportunities and if it’s yes than you know what to do.

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Esta é a seleção mais versátil que inclui uma viagem por todos os tipos de vinhos portugueses com uma seleção cuidadosa de 12 garrafas na faixa de preço premium, vinhos dentro da gama de preços de €10 e em que cada caixa conta uma história e surpreende o mais exigente dos consumidores de vinhos.
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Congratulations on a very good brandy.
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great company, very good selection at a good price, fast and reliable delivery service
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