A Christmas advice: Old brandy or Aguardente Velha is a great option for whisky fans

Publicado : 2016-12-04 - Categorias : Our Selection

A Christmas advice: Old brandy or Aguardente Velha is a great option for whisky fans

The digestive beverages, usually strong drinks that we serve after dinner, usually follow certain trends when compared to the non fortified drinks.
There are alot of options to serve after dinner and one of the most popular along the years is the whisky.
The whisky also suffer from the trends of the market and nowadays its big competitor is the old brandy where it’s included the Portuguse Aguardente velha.
The Aguardente Velha is a strong drink with 40 degree of alcohol volume or more but because of the long time it aged in wood vats, it’s a smooth drink. Due to the alcohol contents and the fact that it’s supposed to be drink at room temperature, it’s the perfect digestive for the cold winter days.
The old brandy is a great Christmas present if you have someone that is a whisky fan and enjoy to chill down with a strong drink after dinner.

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