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Post di Mr R
Great selection and reliable service. I just placed my second order. 1st order has been processed within 48 hrs and shipped with DHL. 18 bottles of wine arrived in 4 working days, so in total I had to wait a week (very happy with my order). 2nd order been processed in less than 48hrs and another 24 bottles are on the way. I received an email with the tracking infromation so I should have my wine by end of the week, Can't wait. Highly recommended place to shop. Great selection and reliable service.

Post di Robert Karasinsk-Poland
Hi, i'm not very familiar with buying online but i tried this website and now i'm a big fan. Great offer and great service. Keep up the good work.

Post di Fabrizio Stucchi
Very reliable provider, with exceptional selection of what I believe it is the best kept secrets in the European food industry which is Portuguese wine, great products at a very good price. Really recommended!


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