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Post di Guy Goodair
Have visited Portugal several times recently and enjoyed certain wines but as I've always flown there was unable to bring any of them back. Having searching on Portugalvineyards website managed to find them listed and now enjoying them back in England

Post di Ruth Mccomiskey
We ordered wine about a week ago and got our order yesterday. We're not sure exactly which wines to order but having been in Portugal this year, we were very impressed by most of them! Will just have to have tastings and order the ones we like best again! So far, so good. A great range available at great prices . Look forward to dealing again with this great company.

Post di Tiago Machado
Caro PortugalVineyards, Confirmo ter recebido a minha encomenda esta semana. Muito obrigado pelo o vosso serviço. So falta prova-lo! A vossa saùde, Cumprimentos,


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