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Post di Ian
I've not had a bad bottle of wine from Portugal Vineyards over the last few years. Easy to choose from the lists as the better wines show reviews. Delivery is quick to UK, around a week. Bottles well packaged. You can't go wrong.

Post di Thomas Janiczek
Perfect online shopping experience with a huge selection of wines of Portugal. Highly recommended.

Post di David Sumner Smith
Absolutely delighted! I normally buy Porta 6 from Majestic Wine in the UK, where a case of 12 bottles costs £96 (Euro 111.19). Here at Portugal Vineyards it costs £40.92 (Euro 47.4) plus £12 (14 Euro) shipping. So I save £43 (Euro 49.81), which works out at almost 45% Pleasantly surprised to discover there was no extra tax to pay!


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