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Post di John Crouch
I have had e-mail contact with the customer services team, they were very helpful and polite. The overall service and quality of the wines is exceptional. Well done to all.

Post di Dave
Portugal vineyards are brilliant. Having been to the duoro area I really got a taste for white port. When I looked for white port in the U.K. It was difficult to find so I thought I'd give Portugal vineyards a go. It was easy to place an order online and the ability to track its progress is excellent. All my orders have arrived in less than a week .... I think the last one was 4 days ....the order was well packed .....what more can I say ....great service !

Post di Paul Bancroft
I was a bit apprehensive about buying from a company in Portugal which thankfully turned out to be completely unfounded. My purchase went through without a problem, delivery was quick and the whole transaction was so easy ! Very pleased ! Paul Bancroft


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