NEW sparkling wines in store

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 NEW sparkling wines in store

Though it seems like the cold weather is here to say, there are only a handfull of weeks left until spring officially begins. As it is with seasons, so do wines change, so we bring you our newest selections of sparkling wines in store, perfect for the warmer days ahead and for the special occasions that might arise, if you need a reason to open a good sparkling wine.
With that in mind, we bring you a total of 12 new selections that range from the 5€ price mark up to the 73€ one – all of these made for very different occasions, but all equally delicious. They’re also from several different producers and regions, so if you find one that sounds like a good idea to you, just browse through our store and read more about it, so you can find something that really fits your needs.
Starting off with Setúbal, this region brings Brejinho da Costa, already well-known by now. This sparkling wine is from last year’s harvest and it’s at 20% off. It’s followed by Aplauso’s rosé from 2013 and with Terras do Demo single-caste Verdelho sparkling, going into the 10€ price range.
The Pedra Cancela brand follows, bringing a brut sparkling from the 2015 price range. Alentejo’s Comenda Grande is one of the highlights of today, bringing two different sparkling selections under 17€: a rosé from 2012 and a white from 2013. Herdade do Rocim brings a rosé brut from 2015 under 19€, perfect if you want to spend a bit more on a good sparkling wine. João Portugal Ramos also brings two distinct selections from two different regions: an Alvarinho brut sparkling from 2014 from the Vinho Verde region and a Marquês de Borba rosé brut from Alentejo. These are still under 30€, so if you want to add these to your cellar, you won’t be feeling very guilty about spending too much.
The more premium selections come with very well-known producers like Casa de Santar and Monte da Ravasqueira. If you’ve tried Vinha dos Amores, one of their finest and highly-awarded selections, you won’t want to miss out on this 30€ selection. It’s an investment, too, if you want to let it develop in the bottle for a few years. The same goes for Monte da Ravasqueira’s Brut Nature selection from 2012. At the 70€ price range, this sparkling is very sofisticated, perfect to pair with any sort of dish you want, especially due to its structure and acidity. It’s a great addition to any cellar and an even better addition if you love the Alfrocheiro caste. These should be well-kept and thoughtfully served, at only the best times and with the best dishes.

Browse through our store today and take a look at our newest sparkling additions, all at the price range you want.

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Questo vino puro frutto guidato viene con colore rosso scuro con sentori di viola. Il bouquet offre intensi aromi di frutti neri, fiori viola e note di mandorle. È delicatamente strutturato con tannini fini, buona densità focalizzata, estratto affascinante, dolce e cremoso, frutta pura e una buona acidità. Un rosso di base molto completo per un piacevole piacere di bere.
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