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j'ai commandé à plusieurs reprises, du porto de différente sortes que je ne trouve pas chez moi ou à des tarifs 1.5 à 3 fois plus cher. Le port devient négligeable sur un carton de 12 bouteilles qui sont correctement emballées. Je n'ai jamais eu de casse. Quant à la qualité des brevages, elle reste conforme à l'étiquette. Je trouve extraordinaire le choix des vins proposés, notamment les recherches par années pour commémorer un évènement. Je n'ai pas pu expérimenter la conservation, tout cela s'évapore trop vite ! En tout cas je commande maintenant plusieurs fois par an et je compte bien continuer.

Posted by Lionel

Inspired by the stunning Porta 6, I have gone on to try wines from all the main wine growing areas and from budget to premium price points. For me, Portugal currently represents the best value for money in Europe and Portugal Vineyards have an excellent range of wines at affordable prices supported by great service and very reasonable shipping costs.

Posted by Mike Donner

Have placed two orders now, both arrived in good condition with goods exactly as ordered. Prices excellent. Great to be able to drink at home the wines we enjoy on holiday and for much less than we pay there.

Posted by John Owen

Great choice from a vast range and nice people to deal with. Delivery very reasonable.

Posted by Paul

My first experience buying from was quite good. Easy to use page, not bad service and delivery time to another side of EU also acceptable. What they could improve in there page is more easy way to find products with discount and also if they could find ways to reduce delivery price they would be wonderful. Anyway this shop is very good and for anyone who loves Portugal wines I definetly can recommend it.

Posted by Delta

This is the first time in ordering from Portugal Vineyards and I have just received the package which I had delivered to my work address. I have not yet tried any of the Port ordered but am impressed with speedy delivery.

Posted by Alison

I found Portugal vineyards by the off chance and was very pleased with how fast the wine was delivered, tracking included, Money off your 1st order and the wine was amazing value, I will be using Portugal vineyards on regular basis after dry January.

Posted by Charlo

Many very god vines for very god prices, no problem with any order, if you are in daubt you all the time have custemer service online

Posted by Henning, Bagsværd

Got the taste for Portuguese wine whilst in Cascais this year (Planalto at an Indian, Vila Real from Lidl) so looked for an internet supplier. Ordered 24 mixed bottles which arrived in just under two weeks, most of which are now gone. So, have ordered more, using the "Members Selection" that were emailed to me (very useful, these emails). At current (awful) Euro exchange, the shipment premium is pretty much £1 per bottle if 24 purchased; taken with the wine prices, I think I'm getting better wines than most UK supermarket selections for at least £2 less.

Posted by Don Simpson

Ola Quick delivery of order. Enjoying the wine and white port Thank you. Hope Portugal do well at world Cup

Posted by Brian Thomas

Have a been a regular here for the last couple of years and thought a review was long overdue. The equation is fairly simple: good quality wines at very sensible prices, but the service is brilliant! The web site is responsive and easy to navigate. The selection of wine is great and the wide range on offer ensures you'll find your match, whatever your taste. Tracking your delivery (to the UK in my case) is very straight forward. Highly recommended. Keep up the great work!

Posted by Nicolas

My order arrived today in pristine condition. The quality is very much to my liking. I would definitely order again in the forthcoming future. I look forward to your newsletter or any emails concerning your products. Best Wishes & Kind Regards Derek

Posted by Derek Glass

Most impressed Logistics hand led by DHL are very reliable. Ordered 29/12 and he presto 11 days later (with two weekends and New Year intervening) it arrived 11.30 today 8t Jan. It is lovely to buy Portuguese wines at Portuguese prices and the shipping charge hardly makes a dent in my significant saving. Gosto dos serviços de Portugal Vineyards.

Posted by Mac Cummings

Existe uma seleção extremamente grande de produtos portugueses. O processo de encomenda e o site podem ser facilmente interpretados. Entrega rápida e precisa.

Posted by Gábor

I've ordered on five or six occasions now and, not only are their excellent wines great value, their logistics are very dependable. Very impressed with Portugal Vinyards. PL

Posted by Phil Lyon

Amazing selection of wine. Portugal vinyards are truly a nice experience.

Posted by Peter Jemtfelt

Very happy to have business with portugalvineyards, many really fine vine offers, comming up to Denmark takes time, not a vineyard problem, but driving by DHL take time, but be happy when delivered.

Posted by Bagsvaerd Henning

Been buying wine from them for a couple of years now and always great value, good comms and quick delivery

Posted by Craig Helliwell

Very satisfied by the excellent service. I strongly recommend

Posted by Maria Andrade Correia

Great service, now I can get my favourite Portuguese wine in a matter of days at a great price. Highly recommended.

Posted by Christopher Suckling