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Livre d'or

Message par Allen
This was my first order with Portugal Vineyards and thought since living in Ireland the delivery would be a problem but i was so wrong. 24 bottles were delivered straight to my door. Excellent wines so far and can't wait to order more... Cheers. 

Message par Jo
Great wines and very efficient service - also great value for money.

Message par Peter McKenzie
I have been using Portugal Vineyards now for over a year and I am always very pleased with the service and range of wines available. If you add on average a pound a bottle for delivery (min of 12 bottles), you will get close to the end costs. Good examples of how good this is are that I have bought wine in a UK off licence for £8.70 that I can buy through Portugal Vineyards for £4.20 inclusive of delivery charge per bottle - what's not to like. I mention them to everyone I meet when we start to talk about red of my best internet finds ever…


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