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Livre d'or

Message par David Garcia
Portugal Vineyards have the widest range of Portugese wine and also spirits that you can find online, the good news is that they deliver to UK (at least) to a reasonable delivery costs. Portugal Vineyards sells quality to unbateables prices. Very recommen

Message par Tom Archer
Don't underestimate the 2013 port vintage. The harvest took place in the wake of the very successful 2011 declaration that year, and few writers paid much attention to it. It wasn't needed as a declared year, and the 13 bit put people off a bit also, but every one I've tried has been most impressive. Many of the producers are now offering their best wine from this vintage as LBV and many are now being released, so worth looking out for..

Message par Nadine Nadel-Innsbruck - Austria
Erhielt ich die Portweine heute und alles war toll


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