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Livre d'or

Message par Guy Goodair
Have visited Portugal several times recently and enjoyed certain wines but as I've always flown there was unable to bring any of them back. Having searching on Portugalvineyards website managed to find them listed and now enjoying them back in England

Message par Julian Griffiths
really enjoyed the wines from Portugal vineyards . originally looking for a good supplier of white port and they are certainly that . they have got the transport costs of shipping from Portugal down to a sensible level - well done . my one hope is that as they such a large range of value wines they might do what the wine society do and that is offer cases of 12 mixed so we can try more of their hugwe range .

Message par Chris Chowney
We ordered 6 bottles of white rose sparkling and red and some white port The delivery was fast and efficient to us in the uk The quality of the wines has been good


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