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Excellent in every way
Choosing random wines
And port and all been excellent
So far
Posté par Grace Murdoch


I love finding new wines and trying them out. This is such a great supplier who has only got better with age. Great fun.
Posté par nigel buck


Excellent Service. Can recommend to everyone!
Posté par Valdis


Excellent handling! Ordered on November 05th 2020 - received today November 18th 2020 in Germany. Perfect service.
Posté par Stefanie Dehmer


Had my first order of 24 bottles, 1 broken but soon put right.
Wines excellent and fantastic value, a pleasure to deal with
and I am awaiting my second order thirstily.
Posté par Jonathan Ward


Brilliant wines, great value for money
I have recommended to family and friends


Just received another order of many, I still cannot beleive the quality and prices of these wines and the delivery by DHL is second to non, I have recommended to numeroyus friends and aquaintances and none has been disappointed with the quality and service received to the UK, I hope this can continue after Brexit because it will be sorely missed if things change with this company, absolutely full marks on all accounts. Bryan
Posté par Bryan Purser


One of the best, if not THE best supplier I have ever purchased from. Now on my 17th order, and lost count of the people I’ve recommended, all of whom have placed repeat orders. Amazing Portuguese wines, which, they never get wrong. Delivery to the UK in super quick time. There are wines to suit all tastes but Portuguese Reds, (Vinho Tinto) are amazing value for money. I just hope and pray that Brexit doesn’t spoil this relationship.
Obrigado pelo seu servico incrivel.
Posté par David Causer


Thanks again Portugal Vineyards for shipping another order. It's very easy to order from your much choice!... and delivery to England is always quick. I've just bought a couple of cases of wine ahead of Brexit! Whatever happens in the Brexit negotiations (i.e. whether or not the UK and EU agree trade deal) I hope you'll still be able to ship wines to England after 1st Jan. There are many, many of us over here who love to drink wines from Portugal, so let's just hope the politicians sort out a sensible arrangement!
Posté par Steve Shaw


great company indeed! such a shame Ireland is out of the list of the country where it delivers!
Posté par Luana Costa


I found here a red wine (Caiado) which my brother and me liked very much during our staying in Portugal and decided to buy some bottles for very reasonable price and shipping costs. The buying process (registration, ordering and money transfer) was easy and the feedback with information absolutely sufficient. I received the wine within one week at my home in Germany.Many thanks again ! This was surely not my last order with Portugal Vineyards ! :-)
Posté par Chris


Was recommended here by a good friend. Best move I’ve ever made! Got 12 bottles of my favourite wine £40 cheaper than buying in our local supermarket here in Belfast and that’s including the delivery charge!!

Can’t praise Portugal Vineyards enough
Posté par Shaun Howe


The quality and price of all the wines is remarkable. I have introduced 5 friends/relatives, and all say they are delighted with there decision to buy. I know that some of these people have gone on to introduce their friends with similar reactions. Long may we be able to take advantage of this service!
Posté par John Winfield


A friend recommended Portugal Vineyards to me and I have continued to place frequent orders since as well as pass on details to other friends. Beautiful wine at such a great price. Ordering is easy and delivery is quick and faultless. I am impressed and grateful for the service and products provided but Portugal Vineyards.
Posté par Penny Laskar-Brown


Used for first time recently. excellent website great prices and first class delvery (although postie was concerned about the volume of wine!

Massive choice of portuguese favourites and very well packed - no breakages!

Little point in ordering locally given 7/10 days wait

well done and thank you - quick point - any ideas what will happen to prices after BREXIT!
Posté par Stephen Penny


Merci pour la livraison rapide. Les bouteilles étaient bien emballées. J'ai déjà testé une bouteille de vin rouge de Murca et une blanc de Bairrada. Ces bouteilles vendues à des prix fort compétitifs sont des nouveautés pour moi. Elles accompagnent très bien mes repas quotidiens et me font voyager par ce temps de confinement covid
Posté par D. van Braekel


Great company ,good delivery,now on my 3rd lot of 24 bottles, great prices about half of uk inc. delivery
Posté par John Danby


Have been buying wine direct for past few years always good wines,exceptional value and service. Have introduced friends who now buy directThe only problem is when eating out and compare price always think of the number of bottles of Portuguese wine for the price of one in Restaurant.To conclude, Excellent, Excellent, Excellent
Posté par Hamish Thorburn


Love Portuguese wine so this is a great find. Fantastic selection, easy to order, well packaged. Taking about 10 days at present. Friends impressed with quality.
Posté par Gillian Watson


Great place to buy. Inexpensive, safe, quick. Worth trying some of the really cheap Vinho Verdhe, I try a few each time, and keep a note of the best. Less than £2? It is like being back there. Loios Red, great value. Duas Quintas, my favourite.
Posté par richard pentelow


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Message par Svend Östergaard
Congratulations on a very good brandy.
Found this by chance on Continente after testing several ...
Message par BERNARD.
great company, very good selection at a good price, fast and reliable delivery service
Message par Robert Jozsef Toth Dr
My 13th order. The bottles (24 pcs) arrived safely as usual.
This company is perfectly safe and ...
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Introduced to the Port by a Friend, on delivery (and tasting) a 2nd Friend wanted repeat case of the ...