The heart of Madeira from Henriques & Henriques and their very rare 50 years old Tinta Negra

Publié : 17/04/2017 - Catégories : Our Selection

The heart of Madeira from Henriques & Henriques and their very rare 50 years old Tinta Negra

Madeira wines, as you probably already know, are some of the rarest and most interesting ones out there, not only due to its history, but because they’re in a category of their own. There aren’t many brands out there which have managed to translate that uniqueness into their legacy like the one we bring you today: Henriques & Henriques.
Having been around for centuries, they work continuously with Madeira’s famous castes, like Sercial, Verdelho, Bual, Malvasia, Terrantez and Tinta Negra, the last one being the most versatile of all. In our store you’ll find several of their aged wines, varying from dry to rich, which already tells you all you need to know about its sugar levels.
Today’s featured wines are all at 17% off, with highlights being the 5 years vintage selection just under 15€, with rich, medium rich, dry and medium dry wines. Just under 40€, you’ll find their Sercial 10 years, as well as their Malmsey 10 years, both of which have gotten outstanding reviews in many magazine outlets. In the 50€ to 70€ price range you’ll find even older and more special wines, like 15 years old Verdelho and Boal harvests and 20 years old wines made entirely out of Malmsey and Verdelho grapes. The 20 years selection finishes up with a Terrantez at a price range of 80€. This is a wine that has achieved countless medals in world famous competitions, just like all these presented here today.
Finally, the star of today’s selection, and probably Henriques & Henriques’s most treasured wine, is the 50 years Tinta Negra. This is a limited edition relic that showcases how well a wine made from Tinta Negra can cope with time, showing an outstanding panoply of flavours that has garnered already many, many fans.

Try the very rare 50 years old Tinta Negra today and other amazing wines by Henriques & Henriques!

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