THE BEST BUYS 2017 in Port Wine according to our members selection.

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THE BEST BUYS 2017 in Port Wine according to our members selection.

We are getting now to a wine category that many are waiting for, the fortified wines. In this category we will split the Port wines in the young ports and aged ports category because it's the most popular ones. All the other fortified wines we will release the best of the year as dessert wines.

The port wines has to be divided in these categories because the pattern of selection is very different. What we notice is that the most wanted young ports are on one hand the ones with the cheapest price and on the other hand the ones from the most renowned producers.

Our members selection are very focused on brands such as Ferreira and Offley  that represent half of the list, and all the selection is from some of the major brands in the Port wine industry, such as the Symington Dow’s and Graham’s, Niepoort, Ramos Pinto and Real Companhia Velha.

One curious aspect is the white ports being the most representative typewith four wines, and the Ruby and Tawny with two and three wines.

Also other curiosity is that one of the most wanted wines is the Pink Port from Offley, a type of wine that is very recent.

This represents an evolution in the industry that was once dominated by the ruby and tawny style.

Finally the presence of two reserve ports means that our members don’t go just for the price but also for the quality, being the Ferreira Dona Antonia Reserve and the Grahams Six Grapes two serious cases of success in these subcategory.

This short list of best buys in the Port wine category can help you to decide between the huge offer we have available and also can create a lot of suspense about what are the most wanted aged ports, something we will reveal tomorrow.

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