NEW IN STORE: Justino's recognized and awarded Madeira wines

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NEW IN STORE: Justino's recognized and awarded Madeira wines

Justino’s Madeira Wines is one of the oldest companies producing and exporting Madeira wine. Its acquired know-how in the art of blending, its respect for traditional winemaking techniques and its constant quest for innovation have been the characteristics that marked its success and growth. This company is recognised for its excellence and focused on presenting premium products to the costumers without losing sight of the history, tradition and authenticity that have always characterised this Madeira wines.

This fortified wines are produced under specific conditions resulting from natural and human invention, the main grape varieties used are Tinta Negra, Bual, Malvasia, Sercial and Verdelho that create different styles of wines ranging from dry to sweet. Like port wines, Madeira stands out from table wines thanks to its unique characteristics. With a surprising richness and intensity of aroma, a persistence of both aroma and end of mouth, a high level of alcohol, with a wide range of sweetness and very diverse colour range.

Starting with the Fine Madeira wines, these are quality wines with a perfect balance, all of them made from Tinta Negra and with a age of 3 and 5 years old. They are a blend of different wines, all of which have been aged in oak casks for at least 2 or 10 years prior to being bottled. Very rich wines with a elegant profile combined with some complexity. Its sweetness is well balanced by the acidity of this wines.

The colheita range has the indication of the vintage year as well as the indication of the bottling year. These wines are made from a selection of the best grapes in the plot according to their maturation state that result in wines with a very attractive appearance as well as elegant, pleasant and complex aromas. In the mouth present a big richness of flavors that leads to a long end of mouth.

The monovarietal Madeira wines with 10 years of age, express well the characteristics of the grape varieties used: Bual, Malvasia, Sercial and Verdelho. Wines with different styles but all of them full of richness balanced with a vibrant acidity and sweetness as well as a good texture and full-bodied providing a long and light end of mouth with mineral notes.

Each glass of wine contains hundreds of years of ancestral knowledge and shows the heart and soul of the people in the land known as the Pearl of Atlantic. Unique wines, awarded by the best wine specialists and magazines, that characterize the different terroirs in Madeira Island and now you have the opportunity to acquire this fortified wines in our store!

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Was recommended here by a good friend. Best move I’ve ever made! Got 12 bottles of my favourite ...
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