NEW IN STORE AND AT 17% OFF: Vasques de Carvalho’s Port and Douro wines

Publié : 21/06/2018 - Catégories : House of Port , Our Selection

NEW IN STORE AND AT 17% OFF: Vasques de Carvalho’s Port and Douro wines

Vasques de Carvalho is not only the centuries-old company of Port winemakers or Douro enthusiasts that we bring you today. It’s also an renowned family that has been a part of Douro’s history for hundreds of years, first as a supplier of Port wine and later its own distributor and brand. Though it might be easy to classify them as a Port wine brand, their valuable and elegant red wines shouldn’t be overlooked, as they bring the heart of Douro along with them. You’ll find that this is a more premium brand, bringing Ports and reds that might not be for the faint of heart but are well worth the investment. Either way, Vasques de Carvalho has an on-going promotion of 17% off in our store in all their selections, if you’re looking for an incentive to get to know them and their wines.
In the red table wine category, this producer brings two at very different price ranges: the Oxum red and the Xbardos red, from the 2015 and 2013 harvests. While the Oxum brings a combination of four typical grape varities (two Tourigas and two Tintas), the Xbardos red brings a combination of Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca and Tinta Roriz grapes, as well as more awards under its belt. These are selections meant for a more special occasion – a Sunday lunch, a dinner party with close friends or even in the event of a celebration.
The Ports by this brand, needless to say, also come in various forms and shapes, not to mention styles. The 20€ mark brings a dry white port under 26€ and the house’s Late Bottled Vintage - which is currently the 2013 harvest. If you’re one for enjoying one of these specific Ports, you’ll definitely want to add one of these to your cart.
The 40€ prince range also brings different takes on Port wine. You’ll find a 10 year-old aged tawny that comes highly-recommended by Revista de Vinhos, as well as a special reserve white Port, if you’re somewhat of a white Port enthusiast. The vintages, both 2013 and 2015, are under 50€, which is a great price considering that they might not be of much interesting to you once the 2016 vintage comes out. It’ll also be a great way to compare their evolution to the 2016’s selections, in case you’re interested in collecting them all.
Finally, the highest prices fall upon the aged tawnies, which are wines that demand your full attention, no doubt. Whether you go for the 20, the 30 or the 40 years old tawny Port, we recommend saving these for the most special of occasions, considering not only their price, but also the intensity of each selection. These are very elegant and pristine selections, meant to be drank slightly chilled and with a great, homemade dessert, preferably. It’s the kind of wines that you’ll consider either gifting someone or keeping to yourself, as soon as you buy a bottle of one of these. Needless to say, these are highly-recommended and representative of its brand, one we can’t wait to try, either.

Visit our store today and get to know the Vasques de Carvalho brand and all its selections and Ports.

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92 pts Wine & Spirits - Robe rubis intense avec des arômes de fruits rouges mûrs et des notes de mûres sauvages. Des notes douces et épicées se dégagent de l'élevage en fûts de bois, ajoutant complexité et harmonie au vin. En bouche, il est corsé avec un bon équilibre entre l'acidité naturelle et la structure. Le caractère minéral apporte de la fraîcheur à ce vin à la finale persistante.
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