A selection of outstanding young Ports below €10

Publié : 03/11/2016 - Catégories : Our Selection

A selection of outstanding young Ports below €10

For many years the wines reviews were under the 1 to 20 rating scale and one of the inovations from Robert Parker Wine Advocate was the scale up to 100 points.
Now most of the wine magazines and wine critics use this scale where 85 is a good wine, 90 is an excelent wine and 95 or more is reserved just for the outstanding wines.
When we look at the port wine offer, we notice that most of the vintage ports are in the 90 points and many are even in the 95 or more.
And on the other side, the young ports such as the three years tawny and ruby or the 5 years special reserves doesn't have a review or are scored with 85 or less points.
This is no doubt a question of quality but also the critics trying to diferenciate the best wines from the rest.
If you have an outstanding vintage port with a 95 points review, it’s dificult to give to a young port a review near the 90 points level.
But if it’s common pratice to look at the brand, the price and the category of the wine, this doesn’t mean that some young ports can’t have a very good review.
Just look at our selection of ruby and tawny ports and you can confirm that there are great young ports with a retail price up to 10 euros.

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