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Publicado por Paul W
I have used Portugal Vineyards for a couple of months now and have placed two orders with them. They take about one and a half weeks to reach the UK from Portugal which I think is reasonable. I drink mostly red wine and the wines I have bought so far are both excellent quality and value. I tend to buy round about the €5 to €10 range but some of the cheaper wines have been the better ones, in my opinion. I estimate that they would cost double that in the UK if you can find them, which you mostly cannot. Customer services have always been very polite and I have not had any problems.

Publicado por Patrice Préfaut
Hello DHL was faster than expected. I received the package in perfect condition. Thank you very much. Best regards, Patrice

Publicado por Vicki
Recently had my 4th delivery which like the ones before easy to find the wines I wanted order secure payment and within approx 10 days delivered to my door ..... communicated throughout .... love the wine and service. Thank you.


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