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Publicado por Paul Brockbank
We have never had a poor bottle from Portugal Vinyards. We are on a tight budget and buy from the lower end ranges. The most recent order was just over a £105 and contained 12 red, 12 sparkling, 6 white and another two reds from further up the price range, so 32 bottles including delivery. There is a knack to choosing the optimal number of bottles before tripping over into the next price bracket for delivery (TNT courier). If you have a bigger budget then there are plenty of great wines and port to choose. For us it’s about value for money and service. Highly recommended.

Publicado por Glenda Pears
I love looking at all the wines and then choosing, normally ones that I have tried over the years on holiday in Portugal. I have also bought Port too. The website is easy to use and staff helpful when I have needed to contact them. I can highly recommend Portugal Vineyards

Publicado por David Cerioli
Sometimes I have issues with the wrong button going back to reset what I need to do, but there customer service is always great and helpful, the wine is always good value for money


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