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Publicado por Stephen Knight
I just wish to say how delighted I am with the wines I have received to date. After the Christmas hiccup my second parcel was delivered very promptly. I am happy to recommend to my friends

Publicado por jeffito
Portugal vineyards are brilliant to deal with. Used the bank transfer. The wine is delicious. Have the next order on the way. Very satisfied!!!!!!!!

Publicado por Kerstin Modee
I think that this is a very nice way to purchase wine for me and my friends. There are very little Portuguese wine in the Swedish sortiment and we have all been very pleased with what we have got . Most of my friends are old and now nice wine is easy for them to get and they like to be able to serve their guests wines that are special . Unfortunately we are all to old to fly to Portugal so this is a way to remind us of our younger days. The service is excellent. Personally I also like the opportunity to contribute to the survival of smaller vineyards.


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