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Publicado por Mark Horgan-Gaul
Great Wines at Wonderful Prices! I started using in Nov 18 and love how easy it is but allow about 3 weeks for delivery! TIP: Try by ordering a mixed box of 12 wines to find the one's that best suit your taste then sit back, enjoy your chosen wine and the great savings over buying locally, enjoy. I would highly recommend

Publicado por David Garcia
Fantastic selection of Portuguese wines at unbeatable prices. I have made orders since 2016 and never dissapointed.

Publicado por Paul Lockyer
I use Portugalvineyards regularly and they never disappoint... to be able to order my favourite Portuguese wine at local prices is great. From placing an order to shipping is never more than a few days... the air freight option is the best value for €10 the latest order left Porto at 20:00 and arrived by 09:30 the following day.. happy days


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