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Publicado por Glenda Pears
I love looking at all the wines and then choosing, normally ones that I have tried over the years on holiday in Portugal. I have also bought Port too. The website is easy to use and staff helpful when I have needed to contact them. I can highly recommend Portugal Vineyards

Publicado por Alexis Boyle
Couldn't wait to receive my order! Took a bit longer to dispatch the order than I was expecting though.

Publicado por David Sumner Smith
Absolutely delighted! I normally buy Porta 6 from Majestic Wine in the UK, where a case of 12 bottles costs £96 (Euro 111.19). Here at Portugal Vineyards it costs £40.92 (Euro 47.4) plus £12 (14 Euro) shipping. So I save £43 (Euro 49.81), which works out at almost 45% Pleasantly surprised to discover there was no extra tax to pay!


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