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Publicado por RoJo
Huge range of wine. I've bought a few cases of vinho verde the average price per bottle being about 6 euros, and found them all to be very good (and good value!) No problems with delivery or damage (yet!) I've just ordered another case...

Publicado por David J. Unwin
My French 'beaufrere' found this company and suggested that, as frequent visitors to Portugal, we'd find its offers of interest. Too right we did! It has become our regular supplier, often of wines that we have seen many times in Portuguese supermarkets a

Publicado por Paul
What a find, excellent service, excellent wine at a very good price and delivered on the date set. After living in Portugal it is great to be able to have the wine we came to love, from the small vineyards delivered to the door, at a very reasonable price even with the delivery charges.


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