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Publicado por Mr Lee
A huge range of wines at prices that at any level represent exceptional value for money. Service and delivery are excellent, and the administrative processes couldn't be simpler. Being able to track your order (via DHL Europe) means you always know where

Publicado por Paul Foulkes-Arellano
The order arrived so quickly I was delighted. The contents were spot on, and apart from being impossible to get these great wines in London, the prices were a fraction of retail prices here. I have so enjoyed these ports and wines, and looking forward to placing my next order.

Publicado por William Jenkins
A huge range of wines and very good value. I once had to cancel which was not an issue and money was refunded within a couple of hours. Shipping to Scotland can be a bit slow and bank on 8 to 9 days from ordering.


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Citrus colored-wine, very fresh and light.

OUR PRICE: $2.46 / $3.09


  • Tipo: Espumoso
  • Tamaño: 750 ml
  • Vendimia: NV
  • Región: Douro
  • Graduación: 9,5%

Promotion valid from the 15th of November 2019 up to the 15th of January 2020 and subject to the available stock


Reception with destemming, fermentation of open spout and controlled temperature.

Grape Varieties:
Blend of Douro grapes

Tasting Notes:
Citrus colored-wine, very fresh and light.

Store and Serve Advices:
Serve between 6-8ºC.

Food Pairing:
Goes well with grilled dishes, salads and aperitifs.

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Lapadas Frisante White

Lapadas Frisante White

Citrus colored-wine, very fresh and light.

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