Post By Tobias Azevedo
O envio acaba de chegar apesar de não ter sido possível aceder ao seguimento de envio. Excelente serviço!! Muito Obrigado! Melhores cumprimentos

Post By Patrice Préfaut
Hello DHL was faster than expected. I received the package in perfect condition. Thank you very much. Best regards, Patrice

Post By Don Simpson
Got the taste for Portuguese wine whilst in Cascais this year (Planalto at an Indian, Vila Real from Lidl) so looked for an internet supplier. Ordered 24 mixed bottles which arrived in just under two weeks, most of which are now gone. So, have ordered more, using the "Members Selection" that were emailed to me (very useful, these emails). At current (awful) Euro exchange, the shipment premium is pretty much £1 per bottle if 24 purchased; taken with the wine prices, I think I'm getting better wines than most UK supermarket selections for at least £2 less.


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