Post By Doug
Ordered Macieira 5 stars Brandy. Fabulous brandy, very smooth. Order process very easy. Paid in euros from caxton euro account. Very quick delivery from Portugal! Very impressed with Portugalvineyards. 10/10

Post By Kerstin Modee
I think that this is a very nice way to purchase wine for me and my friends. There are very little Portuguese wine in the Swedish sortiment and we have all been very pleased with what we have got . Most of my friends are old and now nice wine is easy for them to get and they like to be able to serve their guests wines that are special . Unfortunately we are all to old to fly to Portugal so this is a way to remind us of our younger days. The service is excellent. Personally I also like the opportunity to contribute to the survival of smaller vineyards.

Post By Andrea Buratta
The order i placed arrived safely at my front door this morning. Less than 1 week from Portugal to Italy. Excellent packaging in a big cardboard box. I saved quite a lot and I bought some portos i would have never tried if not on vacation in that country. To be more precise those porto wines i bought were all in stock.


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