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Post By Peter Butterworth
Can I congratulate your company on the very impressive delivery schedule you have just achieved. I very much appreciate your wines but have, in the past, been very critical of your customer service & delays in delivery. You have done extremely well with t

Post By Krystyn Laska-Poland
First it was dificult to find something because i'm not familiar with Portuguese wine brands but now it seams easy because i love white wine and all seems quite good. Very good offer.

Post By Peter McKenzie
I have been using Portugal Vineyards now for over a year and I am always very pleased with the service and range of wines available. If you add on average a pound a bottle for delivery (min of 12 bottles), you will get close to the end costs. Good examples of how good this is are that I have bought wine in a UK off licence for £8.70 that I can buy through Portugal Vineyards for £4.20 inclusive of delivery charge per bottle - what's not to like. I mention them to everyone I meet when we start to talk about red of my best internet finds ever…


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