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Post By John Owen
Have placed two orders now, both arrived in good condition with goods exactly as ordered. Prices excellent. Great to be able to drink at home the wines we enjoy on holiday and for much less than we pay there.

Post By Mario Rainaldi-Italy
Dear PorugalVineyards, I confirm I received the order. Everything is OK, I want to thank you for the service! Best regards,

Post By Fatima de Sousa
I have just received my second order that I must admit had placed with some misgivings given my experience with the first one that took almost a month to arrive. This second one got to Hungary in less then a week and I can't thank you enough for the service. Ordered 40 bottles that got here all in one piece and very quickly. Possibly my first order had some issues but now I am very happy and I will order again. In Hungary we can't find Portuguese wines and being Portuguese I do appreciate them even when the Hungarian wines are quite good. Nothing quite hits the spot as a good Portuguese wine thank you


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