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Post By Michael Anstice
You don't find much Portuguese wine in U.K. Supermarkets, but there used to be a nice red in Tesco, and I have enjoyed plenty on Hols in the Algarve. I found Portuguese Vineyards on the internet and noted the prices were rather good, so I thought I would give them a try. Ordered a case of various reds in November from just under 3 euros up to 5 and a bottle of LBV. Some of the cheaper ones weren't particularly good but most were quite drinkable, and the Messias LBV was really smooth. It is delivered by DHL quite quickly, and you can track it through Barcelona and Gatwick, then Exeter and here in the SW. It costs 14 euros to deliver a case, so factor in a quid a bottle for that! I ordered another case for Christmas, same very usable website ordering, same pretty prompt despatch and good replies to emails. Included another bottle of LBV and a couple of absolutely luscious Moscatel dessert wines, plus some really great but budget price whites. You can pay from 2 euros to 100's of euros, a fantastic range is on offer, and as I am ordering different wines each time, I am looking forward to forming my own opinion on a good number in due course. I would recommend these guys, and this is more enjoyable and educational than going to Asda....though I am not getting sniffy about yellow tail or wolfy blass...both very nice!

Post By dexter beekmeyer
Excellent on-line retailer with a very good selection of Portuguese wines. This was my first visit and on-line order. The wine was delivered 4 days ahead of schedule, undamaged -that is good. The price of the wine was very competitive on a par with what I would expect to pay in Portugal. Shipping costs inexpensive. As for the wine? perfect not corked. I will certainly return to purchase other Portuguese wines that my wife and I have grown to enjoy. muito obrigado.

Post By Grace Reid
I ordered 4 bottles of Port I was very happy with all the different veritys and how easy it was to order, it only took a week to arrive and was able to track it untill it arrived, I will definitely be ordering again


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