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Post By Ivor Mathers
I reviewed and chose 24 different bottles of wine to be delivered but after chasing them up regarding the late delivery they informed me that they had newly been made aware that one of the wines I had selected was discontinued and offered me another similar wine. Once I had agreed to accept this alternative wine the package was shipped without delay. The wine was delivered in 10 days and all bottles intact. We have since enjoyed more than half and can honestly say the quality is very good for the price even when including the additional shipping cost. I will certainly finish my 24 bottles and make another order of those we preferred the most.

Post By Justin McClements
Highly recommend Portugal Vineyards. Was on holiday in Portugal and tried a few wines while out there. Googled the wines when I got back to UK and found Portugal Vineyards website. Good wine, great prices and still great value even with the delivery charg

Post By Tobias Azevedo
O envio acaba de chegar apesar de não ter sido possível aceder ao seguimento de envio. Excelente serviço!! Muito Obrigado! Melhores cumprimentos


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