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Absolutely delighted with our order! Ordered and delivered within a week and we have received some of our favourite Port at excellent prices. Will be placing another order shortly

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Have been using Portugalvineyards for some time simply because of where I live and rising costs of wine. I have always found them very helpful, efficient and above all remarkable value for money. Wine is of excellent quality every time and descriptions ar

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Super wines at reasonable prices ! An excellent experience from ordering to drinking !!


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Best of the year: Premium price range white wines - above €10

Best of the year: Premium price range white wines - above €10

The premium price range goes from €10 usually up to the €20 where the super-premium wines starts.

In these price range for white wines the vinho verde region dominates our 12 wines ranking with three Alvarinho, something that isn’t a surprise and one Loureiro from a very recent project, the Aphros wines, 100% organic wines.

The Douro is represented with two wines: the Niepoort Redoma and the Quinta Nova Grainha; and the Alentejo with three wines: the Esporão Reserve, the Cortes de Cima Sauvignon Blanc and the Ervideira Invisível de Aragonês. It’s long time established producers and brands that each year guarantee very consistent wines and also very consensual among the wine enthusiasts.

The three remaining slots are filled with the Druida from Dão, an 100% encruzado, the Morgado de Santa Catherina, a 100% Arinto from Lisbon, Bucelas sub-region and the Luis Pato Old Vines, the most prominent producer from Bairrada.

We can’t forget that the premium wines are wines to drink in special occasions for some but for many it’s a wine that is part of their daily consumption, and in those cases people tend to go for the sure bets.

Wines that they already know and that in each new vintage the quality is there without major surprises and with a very good value for money. If for a special occasion or to drink now, these wines are probably some of the best you can have in this price range, wines that can last many years in cellar but still prepared to be drink now.

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Wed, 9 Jan 2019

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    *I enjoy Douro a favorite is Lua Cheia 2017 it wont set you back much and is worth the wait also...*
    Posted by Michael Pope
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