About Portugal Vineyards

What is Portugal Vineyards?
We are an independent wine merchant specialized in Portuguese wines and spirits perfect for all you wine enthusiasts out there. To know a bit more about us you can check the About us page.

Where can I see your terms and conditions?
You can check in here our terms and conditions.
Also when you register to our website or when you put an order you can check that.

Do you have a privacy policy?
Sure. We take the privacy policy of our website very seriously. Follow this link to know more about how we manage the information of our members.

Do I have to register to see your offers?
No. You can browse through every part of the website without needing to register to our website. We only ask you to do that when you are putting an order.

How should I browse through the website?
Just select the type of products you prefer between Wines, Spirits and Gourmet and put some filters in the features available on the left side of the screen. You can also browse our menu, put some keywords in the search box or just select the view more option in the Promotions, Staff Pick, New Products or Best sales blocks in our main page. We are sure that you will find something that you will enjoy but you can always Contact us for some recommendations.

Can I invite my friends?
Sure you can. Go to the Referral Friends option in "Your Account" and put the name and email of the friends you want to invite. You can also use the social networks to promote our website or you can send direct invitations to your friend's email.

And do I get something for recommending the website?
Of course you get. We will give you a 5 euros voucher for each friend that you invite and becomes a client of our store. And when your friend put the first order with us, We will also give him a 5 euros voucher for the next order with us.

Account Settings

Can I receive special offers and promotions?
Of course you can. Just sign up to our mailing list or do the registration process to become a member. We always have special offers, new wine releases, coupons offers, limited time discounts and much more to offer to the members of our mailing list.

How do I sign up for your mailing list?
Just put your email in the “Join our mailing list” box or visit our Sign up page to become a member of our website. You will receive an email to confirm your subscription to our mailing list and after that you will start receiving all our special offers.

How do I unsubscribe from the mailing list?
You may unsubscribe by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of all of our newsletters.

How do I change my password?
You have to login to your account and then update your password in the My Personnal Information menu.

Can I change the email I’m using for receiving promotions?
Yes you can. You will need to login to your account and then change the field email in the My Personnal Information menu.

How do I change my shipping and billing information?
You can change this information logging in to your account and visiting the My addresses page or you can do that when you are putting an order. When you put an order, we will update your shipping and billing information every time. This way you have your data always correct.

I forgot my password. How can I login to my account?
Go to the Your account page and click on the forget password link and then follow the steps to reset your old password and define a new one. You will receive an email to proceed with the reset of the old password so please check your mail box spam in case you haven't receive it. The new password will be active when you login to your account so please select something that you can remind later.

How can I contact you?
The easiest way to contact us is using our Contact Page or sending an email to [email protected]. After you contact us, you will receive a ticket number and we will keep you informed about the status of your contact. We reply to all the contacts we receive, and by order of arrival up to a maximum period of two business days. We are always happy to hear from you.

How am I informed of the ticket status?
We use the Zendek ticket management system to deal with all the contacts from our members. We will send our reply to the email account you used to contact us in the first place. To reply back to us or to add more information to your last contact, just use the automatic email we sent you when you opened the ticket or the email with our reply. We have access to all the latest contacts you made so either way, we will have enough information to reply in an efficient way.

And if I need to contact you again after you close the ticket?
Even if your ticket is already closed, you can always reply to our last email and the ticket will be automatically open.

Product information

How can I search for a specific product?
The best way to find something in our website is to put some keywords in the search box or to do some filters in our menu on the left side of the screen. This will allow you to refine the results with some extra filters that will for sure give you the most accurate results that you look for.

Where can I see your promotions?
You can view all the products with a promotional price clicking on the “view more” link in the Promotions block under the homepage or in the left side menu selecting the Promotions option.

Where can I see your recommendations?
You can view all our recommended product clicking on the “view more” link in the Staff Pick block under the homepage or in the left side menu selecting the Staff Pick option.

Do I have access to your latest releases?
We always keep our members informed on all the newest releases in our newsletter, but you can check that anytime going to the New Products block in our homepage.

I like a specific wine type. How do I find it?
The best way to find something in our website is to use the left side menu because you can use filters to refine your search. Also try to put some relevant keywords in the search box. If you can’t find it this way, we are glad to help you in our contact area.

I enjoy a specific grape variety. Can I see the wines by grape variety?
Our filters allow you to select per grape variety but you have also available in the "Our Wines" menu the most relevant grape varieties available. Or just put the grape variety name in the search box and check our proposals sorted per relevance level.

You only sell wines?
We are specialized in wines and spirits, but we wanted to go further and give our members the true flavors of Portugal. So you have now available Portuguese Gourmet products such as olive oil, vinegar, coffee, tea, canned fish and jams. Just click on the Gourmet tab to get to those products.

What information can I expect to have in the product area?
In the product area we try to give you all the information about each product. Depending on the type of products, you can find relevant information such as: winemaking process, production method, tasting notes, grape varieties, composition, serving instructions, pairing with food, the prizes and reviews that each product received in the major events or specialized magazines. We try to give our members all the information that we find relevant for a buying decision.

Does the product prices include taxes?
It will depend on where you want us to ship your order. If you are inside the EU space, the prices will include the local VAT tax. If you are outside the EU space, the prices will be shown without the VAT tax. The tax included or excluded label is always present below the product price. Nevertheless, all the prices shown are final prices and except for the transport cost, that's the price that will be asked in the shopping cart. Depending on your destination, we can't guarantee that any local duty or tax won't be asked so please inform yourself if there are any local taxes in your destination.

Can I recommend a specific product to my friends?
In the product area you have all you need to recommend to your friends. You can do it by email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Just click on the icons at the bottom of the product information. Also you can build your wish lists with your favorite products and share it with your friends in the "My favorites" menu.

I want to do a review on a product. Is it possible?
Reviews are always welcome because they help our members deciding which wine to buy. You need to be logged in to post a review. If so, just select the product, click on the review tab, put an evaluation grade and write your opinion on the product.

I enjoyed a wine from a specific producer. Can I see the other wines from that producer?
Of course. Choose the wine you like and below the name of the wine you'll find the producer's name. If you click in there, you will be sent to the producers page where you can check all his portfolio. Also, you can select a specific producer from the drop down list in the "Producers" box on the left side of our website.

I liked a specific product. Can I see related products?
Sure. Every time you browse through a specific product you can find at the bottom of the page the related products, a block with the products in the same category and other block with the products that were bought with that one. The products under the same category are usually products very similar to that one in terms of profile, the customer who bought this block shows the most relevant products that were bought together with the one you are checking.


How do I put an order?
You just need to browse through our product offers, add products to the shopping cart and select the quantities you want to order. When you are happy with your selection, just go to the checkout, fill out the form with your shipping and billing information and finally click on the payment method of your preference.
Your order will be in our system, and you just need to follow the instructions on how to use the payment method selected.

How do I know if my order was received?
When you put an order, you will get an automatic confirmation by email, letting you know the items ordered and the total. If you choose to pay with a debit card, credit card or Paypal account, the status of the order will be confirmed right way.
If you choose to pay by bank transfer, Multibanco or MBWay you will receive the payment instructions in your email and after we confirm your payment, we will change your order to the status confirmed. Each time we change the status of your order you will receive an email with the new status. We will inform you when we start handling your order in our warehouse, when we ship your order and the tracking number of your parcels. Also we will update your order when we have the confirmation from the transport company that your order was delivered.
You can check the status of your order anytime logging in to your account and going to the Order history and details.

Can I order wine as gifts? Is gift wrapping an option, sending a card, etc.?
Usually we don’t offer these type of services, because our concern is to use boxes that can resist long distance travels, guarantying the safety of the products.
What we can do is deliver your order to someone you want. Just put the name and address of the person you want to send an offer, use the notes and special request box in the checkout saying that it is a gift.
We will try to follow all the instruction that you write for us in the special request box.

I’m a company. How do you handle bigger orders?
We sell directly to companies who want to order in larger quantities. If you want wines for a special occasion, if you are a wine retailer or if you have a restaurant or bar, then we have the right solution for you. Check our Corporate Orders page or send us an email to [email protected] with your questions, or the order you plan to make, and we will send you a proposal with our best price guarantee.

Do you offer mixed case discounts?
We aim to give you the best price possible, so all our prices are final. Also, we have a permanent area with promotions that can go up to 50% off.
We do have in the Specials area our mixed cases offer. It's boxes of 6 or 12 bottles with a fixed price and according to the price range you want to spend. All are thematic boxes selected by our team of wine experts where you can expect good surprises and wines with a great value for money.

Do you accept orders by email or over the phone?
The best way to put an order is directly on our website, but if you find it difficult, you can always email us with your order. We will manage the order for you and send you the final price and the payment options.

How will you handle my order if an item isn't in stock or you only have a limited supply?
We will first try to get more of that item in our producers. If this is possible but will take some time, we will contact you to give you the option to wait or take another course of action. If we cannot get that specific product, we will contact you to give you the option to replace that product, ship the rest of your order without the missing items, or cancel the order altogether.
In any case, we will not ship anything until you have given us your approval on how to proceed.

Can wine be held without payment?
Yes. When you choose to pay by bank transfer, Multibanco or MBWay. In these cases, we hold your order for 72 hours until we receive a proof of payment or the money in our account.
After that, you still can pay your order but we can’t guarantee the availability of the products ordered.

Is it possible to get wines or other products not listed on your website?
Sure. If there is a wine or a product that you cannot find on our website please contact us using our Contact Form
We will be happy to get it for you, if possible, even if it is not listed on our website or if we don't have it as part of our regular stock. We will make every effort to get you the product.

How do I redeem my coupons?
Coupons can be redeemed during the checkout process in the vouchers box.
Please check the coupons available in your account under the My Vouchers menu to determine eligibility and if your coupons can be combine in the same order. Coupons expire at midnight (local time) on the expiration date and are subject to their own individual terms, conditions and limitations.

Payment Options

What payment options are available?
You can pay with a card carrying the Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express or Discover logo.
If you want to use a debit / credit card, in the checkout select pay with credit card and the payment form will open, where you should put your card details (card number, expiration date and CVV), and clicking in the "I Confirm My Order" button. We don’t keep the details of your card and all the payment process and card information is managed by our payment partner, Braintree, a Paypal company.
You can also pay with a Paypal account selecting the paypal payment method in the checkout. You will be redirected to the Paypal website where you should create a Paypal account or login to your Paypal account. After the payment is finalized, you will be redirected back to our store and you will get the order confirmation.
For Portuguese cards, we have available the Multibanco and the MBWay payment options. In both cases you will receive in the screen and in your email the payment instructions, after you confirm your order.
For international orders, we have available the payment by Bank Transfer. Just select that payment method, confirm your order and you will get our bank details in the screen and also in your email. As soon as the value arrives to our account, we will send you the order confirmation.

I asked to pay by bank transfer. What now?
After you have confirmed your order, you should have in the screen and also in your email the instructions on how to pay and our bank details.
Bank transfer is something very simple. Just go to an ATM machine or your homebanking and select International transfer. Then put our IBAN details and the value of the order. As soon as the value arrives to our account, we will send you the order confirmation.

After doing the bank transfer when do I know that my order is confirmed?
International bank transfers can take about 48 to 72 hours to reach our account. As soon as we receive the payment confirmation, we will change the status of your order to "confirmed" and you will receive an email with that confirmation.
If you send us a copy of the transfer by email, it will be quick for us to prepare your order.

How do I know that my transaction is secure?
We work with the leading companies in terms of payment methods – Braintree, a Paypal company and Paypal.
Our website doesn’t keep record of your card number, because every time you pay, the card details are managed by our payment partner or in our payment partner website.
Please read the privacy policy and security policy of each of our payment partners.

I did an order by email. How can I pay now?
When you put an order by email, you can pay by bank transfer or using your paypal account because all credit card payments have to be made online by the owner of the credit card. 
As soon as we confirm your order, we also send you the total amount to pay and the bank details to do the payment. Or you can go to your paypal account, select the send money option and in the account to send money put our email [email protected].

Returns, Cancellations and Modifications

What is Portugal Vineyards's return policy?
We are always working to provide our members the best service possible. If you are not satisfied with your order for any reason, please contact us as soon as possible by email to [email protected].
We will work with you to solve any issue that you might have, because our goal is to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For more details on our return policy you can check the Return Policy page.

Can I modify or cancel an order after it has been submitted?
Yes. Either reply to the automatic confirmation you receive by email, letting us know what changes you'd like to make, or email us at [email protected].
Please contact us as soon as possible, and within 24 hours of placing the order. Outside of this time window there is a chance that your order is already on its way to you!

I ordered a vintage, but I received another vintage of the same wine. Why?
Usually when a vintage runs out of stock, the producer sends us the new vintage. In these cases, we send to our clients the new vintage of the same wine ordered.
If you don’t want to receive a different vintage year, please refer that in the order notes during the checkout process.

Shipping and Delivery

Can I choose the shipment company or shipment method of the delivery?
No. We work with the leading distribution companies in each destination so we have a specific transport partner and delivery method to each country.
Our packages are certified by the major transport companies and prepared for ground or air transportation and also to travel long distances.
Inside the EU space we work with the aerial and road service from Fedex, DHL and UPS. For Switzerland and Norway, we work exclusively with the DHL road service. All the intercontinental deliveries are made with the DHL, Fedex and UPS aerial service.
We only work with the best and faster transport companies and the ones that insure us timings and quality on each delivery in each specific country. Only this way can we guarantee you the lowest shipment cost possible.

In which countries do you deliver?
We currently ship to almost all countries in the world so you can check if we deliver to your destination during the checkout process.
If your country is not listed in the countries drop box during the checkout process, then it’s because we are not delivering to your country yet. There are probably constraints in your country when it comes to importing alcoholic beverages.
If you can’t find your country listed in our store, please contact us using our Contact form or by email to [email protected] and we will do all efforts to manage the delivery of the wines you want.

My country is not listed in your delivery destinations. Why?
There are probably local regulations concerning the shipment of alcoholic beverages to your country. If we cannot ship to you now, please check back periodically, because it is possible that the laws will have changed. Contact us by email to [email protected] and we will do all our efforts to manage the delivery of the wines you want.

Do you have any minimum on orders for delivery?
There is no minimum order and you can even order single products. During the checkout, the shipment cost will be calculated based on your country of destination and the number of bottles in the shopping cart. Try to order in groups of 12 bottles, the maximum number of bottles each parcel can handle and more products in each order. This way you will save money because the shipment cost per product is lower the bigger the order is.

How do I know how much to pay for the delivery to my country?
Each time you add products to your shopping cart, it will update the shipping cost. Also during the checkout process, when you select your country, our system will give you the exact value to pay for the delivery of those wines in your shopping cart.

Is there a free shipment for bigger orders?
We don’t have a free shipment policy permanently in our website except for Portugal, in orders above €50 and for Spain in orders above €100. In all the other destinations, the shipping fee is calculated per product ordered.
Although we often do some campaign where we offer the shipment cost for orders higher than a certain amount. These campaigns are sent to your email and usually you have about one week to get this opportunity.

What does the shipment cost include?
The shipment cost includes the transport and delivery service from our warehouse to your address. We assume in that price all the costs necessary to put your order in your address. If your address is outside the European Union, then you may have to pay the local taxes such as the VAT tax or any other tax related to the importation of alcoholic beverages. These values aren't charged by us and all products for outside the EU are free of any local duty and tax.

I live in a country that is in the European Union. Is there any additional tax to be paid when I receive the package?
The orders to be delivered in any EU country includes the local VAT tax and our company is subject to VAT payment in each EU country where we sell. Also all products that we sell are already released for the consumer market with the duty paid wich means that we are authorized to sell our products to any country inside the EU space.
There can be some exceptions where the country law demands for the payment of a local duty on wines or spirits. In those cases, the value can be asked upon delivery of the goods so please check with your local authorities if you are eligible to import wines from other EU member state and what duty can be charged.

I live in a country outside the European Union. Are there any additional taxes when I receive the package?
The shipment cost includes the transport and delivery of your package as well as the exportation customs dispatch. The prices for clients outside the EU doen't include the local VAT tax or any other local duty.
The importation procedures are managed by our transport partner so it means that upon arrival of your parcel, they will present the parcel to the local customs and then they will contact you with the values to be paid for the importation of the goods and how to proceed with the payment.
In most countries the taxes will depend on the value of the order and the excise duty on the type and number of products in the order. We can’t guarantee that you aren't eligible for the payment of duty and taxes in your country so please contact your local customs to check that and to find out the values envolved prior to ordering.

What changes now that the United Kingdom is no longer part of the EU space?
The orders to the United Kingdom (Except Northern Ireland ) like any other country outside the EU space aren't subject to VAT payment in the origin and upon arrival of your order, our transport partner will present the order to the UK customs and proceed with the importation procedures. They will then present the value to be paid for the VAT tax and the excise duty prior to the delivery of your order.
Check the theme above "I live in a country outside the European Union" for more information.
The Northern Ireland territory is an exception and still under the EU agreement so the VAT tax is paid in the origin and the orders delivered  without a customs dispatch. You should select UK-Northern Ireland when putting an order. Check the theme above "I live in a country that is in the European Union" for more information.

Are shipments insured?
Insurance is included in the shipping cost. If you find your package damaged, then you should refer that to the person that is delivering your order.
Please inspect your parcels when you receive it and if there is any outside damage please inspect also your products.
In case of damages, we will prepare another parcel with the damaged bottles or if you prefer, we can refund the value of the missing products in a voucher or a direct refund.

When can I expect shipment?
We have almost all the products we sell in our warehouse. The only products we don’t have in stock are the ones that are still in wooden vats, like the Colheita Ports.
Our commitment is to make all efforts to handle your order as quickly as possible, as most orders are shipped within 24 to 48 hours. If there is an issue with your order, then our customer care team will contact you informing about the delay or to find a solution that suits your needs.
When we ship your order, we will send you an email with the tracking number of the parcels and the estimated time for delivery.
After we ship the order, usually it takes between 2 to 5 business days for a ground delivery inside Europe reach most of the destination and 1 to 3 business days for an aerial delivery reach most Continents. To have more accurate timings for your order or destination, you can check the estimated delivery time in the checkout under each available carrier.

What should I do if no one is available to sign for my shipment, or if the person isn't of legal age?
Most clients choose to have their order sent to their work address, so that they are present to receive it or there is someone else available to receive the package.
If an order is sent to your home address and there is no one there or an adult is not present, our transport company will leave a notice and will contact you later to arrange a new delivery date. After a delivery attempt or if the transport company can’t contact you, they will inform us of the incident and we will manage to book with you another place or date for the delivery.
We and the transport company will work hard to deliver your order, but if it’s not possible, then the package will return to us and we will have to charge you for the re-shipping of your order.

How can I track my order?
The shipping confirmation email will contain the name of the transportation company and the link to track your order. You just need to follow that link to check where your order is and the estimated date for the arrival.

I received my order but it’s not complete. What should I do?
We ship the orders in boxes up to 12 bottles so if you order more quantity, you should receive it in several parcels.
Each parcel takes a unique label id and sometimes the transport company can have a delay in a parcel so you should expect to receive the rest of the order in the following business days. If the pending parcels aren’t delivered in that time frame, please contact our customer care team and we will open an incidence in the transport company. After that, we will manage it with the transport company and if necessary, we will ship new parcels to avoid further delays.

I received all the parcels but there are products missing. What should I do?
When you receive your order you should always inspect the boxes and report any visible damage to the person who is delivering it.
Usually if a box is damaged in transit, the transport company will repack it and deliver so check if any of the parcels is diferent from the rest or if there is tape in the parcel with the transport company logo.
In case of products missing in your parcels, please contact our customer care team and we will deal that with the transport company and we will replace or refund any missing product.

If you have any additional question that is not answered in this page then feel free to contact us by email at [email protected] or use our contact form in the Contact Page.



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