NEW IN STORE: Licor Beirão d’Honra at €13.85

Published : 10/04/2018 - Categories : Taste Room

NEW IN STORE: Licor Beirão d’Honra at €13.85

Licor Beirão is a Portuguese liqueur made from a secret recipe dated from the 19th century.
Maceration is the first step in the production of Licor Beirão. A secret recipe of 13 spices, plants and aromatic seeds is blended with alcohol of agricultural origin. This mixture then rests in stainless steel vats for a minimum of 3 weeks, during which time every ingredient is slowly releasing its characteristic properties and fragrances, until it attains the ideal flavor.
Some of the spices, plants and seeds which are part of Licor Beirão's DNA are grown in Quinta do Meiral. Many others come from every corner of the world - India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Turkey and Malaysia, among others. It’s made via a double distillation in copper stills. After all the steps and different processing techniques, Licor Beirão is filtered and stored in stainless steel vats for a few months.
The Beirão d’Honra is a new product that pays tribute to the memory of the patriarch of the family who created the original liqueur. Produced with the same spices and aromatic plants that make up the original recipe, this new liqueur is enriched with aged brandy.
While the Original Beirão should be drink with ice, lemon or mixed in a cocktail, the new Beirão d'Honra should be drink solo, without ice and in an old brandy glass.

New in store and at a price of €13.85, we invite you to check the Beirão d’Honra, a unique liqueur from Portugal.

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