NEW IN STORE from Bacalhôa: red and white varietal selections

Published : 04/09/2018 - Categories : Our Selection

 NEW IN STORE from Bacalhôa: red and white varietal selections

Bacalhôa is currently one of the biggest players in the industry of winemaking not only in Portugal, but also in Europe. It’s a producer which focuses on both quality and diversity, bringing wines from over 7 Portuguese wine regions, not just Setúbal. The wines we bring you today, however, are from this region, one that is particularly known for its Moscatel and the closeness to the ocean, as well as its serene climate. It’s the home of several renowned producers and winemakers, most of which you have certainly heard of before.
While bringing their usual selections of red and white table wines, today we’re featuring their brand-new single-caste selections, which are recent additions to our store. These are the perfect fix for those who crave the particular caste varieties we bring today and are eager to try them in different settings and terroirs. They’re all at the same price, too, just under 12€, and they’re the perfect excuse to invite people over and have a great time, if you’ve had that in mind.
The Merlot is a selection from 2014, a predictably sweet and intense wine with very good structure. Just like the Syrah, it’s a selection meant to age very well in the cellar, in case you like your wines more mature. The Syrah red brings a 2015 harvest, as well as acidity, elegance and a denser red wine. If you’re a fan of the white caste varieties, the Verrdelho and the Greco di Tufo single-castes follow, both from the 2016 harvest. While Verdelho is more floral and tropical, the Greco di Tufo selection was fermented in films in the ancestral style, acquiring the orange flavor it’s so famously known for. It’s definitely one to pair with a warmer Spring day, as well as lighter meals and good company.
Other selections from Bacalhôa come highly-recommended, whether those under the 10€ price range like the Meia Pipa brand and the Private Selection umbrella (the white is new in store), or the more premium and special editions, like Cova da Ursa, Má Partilha and the single-estate wines like Quinta da Bacalhôa and Palácio da Bacalhôa. These are selections that go well into the 20€ and 50€ price range and which have proven their worth and excellency over time, whether to publications or wine critics. They’re also universally praised wines that are meant to be opened and served during the best of occasions, whether that means a wedding, a birthday or an anniversary. If you have one of those coming up, these are the most fitting presents you can think of.
Browse through our store today and get to know our producers and their regions, all more unique than the other.

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