HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Madeira’s Medium Sweet Bual wines

Published : 10/11/2017 - Categories : Our Selection

 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Madeira’s Medium Sweet Bual wines

If you’re already an avid consumer of Madeira wines or enjoy them for their strong personality, you know there are many layers to them, especially when it comes to sugar levels. Today, we bring you a selection of Bual-made wines, which are, generally, full-bodied, rich and very well-balanced when it comes to acidity and sweetness. It’s the perfect Madeira wine to buy if you like them sweet, but not too sweet.
With that in mind, we bring you some of the most highly-regarded brands and producers, most of which have been around for centuries. Today’s featured products range from the 16€ mark up to the more premium selections under 100€.
As usual, the 5 years-old wines top our list as being the least expensive, bringing brands like Blandy’s and Cossart Gordon. The 10 years old selection is today’s largest, bringing several brands like Blandy’s, Justino’s, H.M. Borges, Cossart Gordon (again) and Barbeito. These range from 24€ up to 40€. It’s really all a matter of deciding which brand you prefer over the others. If you can’t choose, you can add more than one to your cart, since they’re at such a good price right now.
The 15 years-old Bual brings H.M. Borges again, as well as Henriques & Henriques and Cossart Gordon. You can’t really go wrong with a 15-year old Madeira wine. It’s intense enough to be drank at a special time, after a great meal or with a cigar. Finally, Blandy’s 30 years old is the true highlight. This wine, going well into the 90€ mark, shows a panoply of flavors that could only be suitable with a very rich dessert so it doesn’t distract you from your meal. It’s one with a great ageing potential, but that should be served right now and tasted with your friends and family.

Come visit our store throughout the weekend and find the heart of Madeira!

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Was recommended here by a good friend. Best move I’ve ever made! Got 12 bottles of my favourite ...
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