HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: A selection of 5 and 10 years Madeira wines that you can't resist

Published : 11/03/2016 - Categories : Our Selection

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: A selection of 5 and 10 years Madeira wines that you can't resist

Keeping up with the recommended products per wine category, we selected today from the Madeira wines the ones we think are worth trying in the 5 and 10 years old reserves.
The Madeira wines are a very different scenario when compared to other wine categories beginning with the constraint regarding size of the island where they are produced.
Usually the Madeira wines are produced in small quantities and the young ports made from Tinta Negra are the ones with bigger productions.
The Malmsey, Boal, Sercial and Verdelho are grape varieties with low incomes and that are used for the 5, 10, 15 and 20 years old Madeiras and also for the Frasqueiras and Colheitas.
There is not enough area under vineyards to support such a demand in wine subcategories and in the entire market, that basically is the entire world due to the unique character of these wines.
Also the aged Madeiras takes some years to be bottled and as we know, the more the wines stages in oak, the bigger will be the retail price.
These and other features from the Madeira wine makes it more expensive than other fortified wines but at the same time the perceived value of each bottle is high enough to make these wines highly desired by any wine enthusiast.
We invite you to check our selection if you want to understand the phenomenon behind this unique type of wine.

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Good selection of wines from Portugal. Reasonable prices. Good service and fast deliveries.
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We like the wines and lvery satisfied with Your work. Many thanks!
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