Christmas tip: The original and rare Azorean white wines

Published : 12/15/2021 - Categories : Our Selection

Christmas tip: The original and rare Azorean white wines

Nine islands of unusual natural beauty make up the Azores archipelago, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, but it is mainly on the island of Pico that the magic of wine takes place. Here, there is a long wine-growing tradition and wine production takes on several particularities, starting with the plantation. The vines are cultivated in the so-called corrals, between stone walls erected to protect the vines from the harsh wind and salty sea air. The unusual nature of this landscape led UNESCO to classify the Pico Island vineyard as a World Heritage Site.

Those are small productions, in a terroir that is very difficult to “dominate”, on an island with an unpredictable climate... Reasons that make Pico grapes the highest paid in Portugal today, and that make Azorean wines among the most wanted nowadays.

Most of the production is dedicated to whites, and here, Arinto dos Açores is queen. But we also find Terrantez and Verdelho. And it is for the whites that our suggestion for today goes. Wines where, as a general rule, the acidity is high and where we can feel the proximity to the sea inside the glass, with its unusual notes of iodine and salt.

If you want to surprise someone this Christmas, bet on an original and rare wine from the Azores. It won't fail!

Christmas deliveries: for those who are buying for outside the EU space or selecting the road transportation inside the EU we advise to put the orders during the next couple of days because as we all know, during the Christmas season the traffic in the transport companies is not stable so we can’t assume the same transit time as in the rest of the year. For the aerial service and the express road services to western and central Europe the transit times are still on time at least up to the end of the week.

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