Best of the year: Medium price range white wines - €5 to €10

Published : 01/07/2019 - Categories : Best of the year

Best of the year: Medium price range white wines - €5 to €10

Following to the white wines under the medium price range (€5 to €10 retail price), the vinho verde wine region dominates this category.

It’s not a surprise because in this region the white wines are unique when compared to the rest of the wine regions. It’s the grape varieties such as Loureiro or Alvarinho that makes the difference along with a unique “terroir” and a vinification process that provides the freshness and acidity that makes these wines so gastronomic and easy to drink.

Also the two main regions from Portugal, Douro and Alentejo, are well represented being the Planalto reserve from Casa Ferreirinha the best wine according to our members.

But our members did their homework to find some native grape varieties that produce great wines in region such as Lisbon with an Arinto from the Bucelas sub-region (Caves Velhas), a Fernão Pires from Setúbal (Catarina) and an Encruzado from Dão (Duque de Viseu).

It’s a fact that most people go for the easy way getting their wines in the most recognized regions specially for the white wines where they look for easy to drink wines and usually sure bets in terms of quality. There is still a long road to be done in terms of promoting other regions and wine profiles in terms of the white wines but we are here to do so. Expect to be surprised during this year because there is many new arrivals during the next weeks.

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