Bairrada sparkling wines highlighted in “Grandes Escolhas”

Published : 01/21/2022 - Categories : Best of the year

Bairrada sparkling wines highlighted in “Grandes Escolhas”

Bairrada is the largest sparkling wine producing region in Portugal. It produces 60% of all sparkling wines produced in our country, mainly due to its exceptional characteristics for the production of this style of wine. Long and rainy winters and summers softened by the extensive Atlantic coast, characteristics that ensure acidity, freshness and longevity to sparkling wines.

The great variety of the region, as we know, is Baga, which also appears as the basis of several sparkling wines, but the most used varieties for this purpose are Maria Gomes, Bical, Arinto, Cerceal, Touriga Nacional or the classic Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. .

Bairrada's sparkling wines are a guarantee of quality, with the advantage (for the international consumer) of being sold at much more competitive prices than those of other famous sparkling wine regions such as Champagne or Cava.

Here, all sparkling wines are made using the classic method, and the classifications are also very well defined. Therefore, a Reserve has at least 1 year in bottle on the lees before degorgement, a Super reserve is already 2 years old and the Old or Grand reserve is 3 years old.

Drinking a great sparkling wine from Bairrada is also appreciating the history of this important region, which already has 130 years of experience and progress in sparkling wine.

Today we leave here a selection of high quality sparkling wines from Bairrada, some of them having even been distinguished in “Vinho Grandes Escolhas”. We highlight here the 18.5 points attributed to Campolargo Borga (1st place in this tasting), the 18 points for Luiz Costa, the 17.5 points for Água Viva, Casa do Canto, Marquês de Marialva, Primavera and Quinta da Pedreira and finally the 17 points for Dinamite .

Whatever your choice, you can be sure that you are buying a sparkling wine with the Bairrada quality guarantee. A region that still has a lot to grow and present itself to the world!

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