A selection of Sparkling Wines that we highly recommend, for all tastes and pockets

Published : 11/03/2016 - Categories : Our Selection

A selection of Sparkling Wines that we highly recommend, for all tastes and pockets

The sparkling wines category is very consistent in terms of quality so you can find good wines below the €5 limit and exceptional wines around € 10 or € 20.
The Portuguese sparkling wines are produced according to the champagne method so it means that you can find an equivalent to the French champagnes at a very low price.
The only thing you need to decide is the quantitiy of sugar that you look for in your sparkling, since you have available from the extra dry without almost any sugar, to the sweet style.
Usually the extra dry or dry sparkling wines are great to pair with some type of dishes such as fish, seafood, white meats, pasta or sushi.
As for the sweetest type, usually are good with sweet desserts but all type of sparkling wines are the perfect drink when we want to celebrate a special occasion.
We selected some of our highly recommeded sparkling wines and we dare you to taste and compare with sparkling wines from any other wine country.

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Post By Luana Costa
great company indeed! such a shame Ireland is out of the list of the country where it delivers!
Post By Chris
I found here a red wine (Caiado) which my brother and me liked very much during our staying in Portu ...
Post By Shaun Howe
Was recommended here by a good friend. Best move I’ve ever made! Got 12 bottles of my favourite ...
Post By John Winfield
The quality and price of all the wines is remarkable. I have introduced 5 friends/relatives, and a ...