A little of Portuguese History and Liqueurs

Published : 08/20/2020 - Categories : Our Selection

A little of Portuguese History and Liqueurs

Here in Portugal, it is believed that the production of liqueurs started in the X century through the Arabs, creators of the still, in the Monchique mountains, in the Algarve region. But it was in the XVI century that the production of liqueurs was confirmed, which until then were for medicinal purposes, made locally, needing a prescription to buy them, in order to regulate and supervise the crafts linked to the art of healing. This included the complete prohibition on selling liquors and spirits without authorization from the monarchy.

When sugar appears in the scene, which the new ingredient is added to the drink to facilitate its consumption, making it more pleasant and dissipating the alcohol flavor. The years passed and the drink was baptized as a liqueur, gaining its space and being produced all over the country.

Our discovery among liqueurs begins in the Beiras region, with the Licor Beirão, well known by the Portuguese. The liqueur is made with natural products from a double distillation of 12 plants, some medicinal and others with a strong aroma, such as: eucalyptus, cinnamon and rosemary. It brings a colorful topaz tone, with a sweet, alcoholic flavor and aromatic plants and seeds.

Another historic liquor, which dates back to the times of the Catholic monks, is the only one produced by the Benedictines of the Singeverga Monastery in Portugal. The Singeverga Liqueur is a handmade drink, composed by several spices and aromatic plants, recognized by their balsamic and therapeutic properties. It is a liquor that is imposed by the scrupulous meticulousness of its preparation, a very fine aroma and delicate flavor.

The liqueurs are great to be enjoyed at the end of a meal, as a dessert or added to a cup of coffee, giving it a more invigorating touch, today we invite you to discover other references available in our store, of different flavors to please any taste.

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