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Post By David Shimmings
Excellent range at very good prices, however shipping costs are high. I would prefer lower cost shipping even if delivery took longer. Airfreight is not necessary!

Post By Rodney Bassett
great wines at very reasonable prices fast delivery also at a good price, I have found some very drinkable wins without spending a fortune

Post By Krystyn Laska-Poland
First it was dificult to find something because i'm not familiar with Portuguese wine brands but now it seams easy because i love white wine and all seems quite good. Very good offer.


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List of products by producer Adega Cooperativa do Redondo

The winery is one of the largest wine producers in the Alentejo Region, bringing together about two hundred winemakers, about 98% of the sub-region of Redondo. It has almost 50 years of history.

Having already won the domestic market, the AcR's main goal is to explore new horizons in the international market and although Brazil remains the country that consumes more wine produced in Alentejo, the cellar its trying to explore the possibilities offered by the community of the Old Continent market, thus diversifying the clientele. In this bet, AcR already has up its sleeve the plan to reformulate the top wine range, placing on the market new products and strengthening the sales of most brands. All these changes are part of the already in position philosophy of perpetuating the good name of AcR.