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Beitrag von David J. Unwin
My French 'beaufrere' found this company and suggested that, as frequent visitors to Portugal, we'd find its offers of interest. Too right we did! It has become our regular supplier, often of wines that we have seen many times in Portuguese supermarkets a

Beitrag von Holly Elsdon Robson
Quick delivery and great value for money! Ordered a box of wine to the UK and expected this to take a while due to Covid-19 and delayed posting, it came one week later and I was chuffed! Highly recommend!

Beitrag von Steven Mcfarlane
Having travelled throughout Portugal for many years, and having tasted many exceptional local wines, I was pleased to have found Portugalvineyards vineyards. Their selection is extensive and I have been buying wine from Portugalvineyards vineyards for some time now. The pricing of their wines is fantastic and even with shipping included, the overall cost is less than I would pay here in the UK. Fantastic company with excellent choice and fantastic customer support. I would highly recommend Portugalvineyards.


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