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Beitrag von Jürgen Wichum
Sehr schnelle Lieferung, Wein ist perfekt. Sehr gut verpackt. Klare Empfehlung

Beitrag von Guy Hammet
Having read the negative reviews around organisation and delivery I still went with my gut that said it would be OK. Turns out I was right. Started on the 0-5 euro ladder to see how the quality is and it's very good indeed for the money. I've only tried 2 so far but with both they are good wines and the tasting notes seem reasonably accurate. With a friend I have split 36 bottles of red so we get to try 16, (doubled up on a couple of the upper range) different wines for under £4 a bottle average including delivery. I defy anyone to better that and all from an idle search to see if I could beat the local price in the UK for Porta 6. The only gripe, if I felt the need to make one is with delivery which is out of their hands. Used DHL this time who were not very accurate with the tracking and delivery was a few days over the claimed timing but hey ho, they still got here and well packaged at that. I also found the contact with the PV team good, I'd managed to pick the wrong delivery address and got it changed really quickly. I may be biased because I love Portugal, the Portuguese and their wines but I think the whole process is a winner for me. I will be back to sample the 5-10 euro collection with TNT delivery and fingers crossed that Brexit doesn't blow the joy out of this as it has with everything else.

Beitrag von Sam G
Definitely recommended. Great price, fast delivery to the UK and great wine. Worth a try. Even after I got my order wrong it was immediately dealt with, refunded and reorder efficiently. Friendly team solved everything.


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