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Beitrag von Tim Shelton
I order from Portugal Vineyards regularly had have no problems deliver can take a couple of weeks sometimes but also at times only a week i think it depends on the day you order and if its part of a shipment to the uk

Beitrag von Paul Lockyer
I use Portugalvineyards regularly and they never disappoint... to be able to order my favourite Portuguese wine at local prices is great. From placing an order to shipping is never more than a few days... the air freight option is the best value for €10 the latest order left Porto at 20:00 and arrived by 09:30 the following day.. happy days

Beitrag von Dave
Portugal vineyards are brilliant. Having been to the duoro area I really got a taste for white port. When I looked for white port in the U.K. It was difficult to find so I thought I'd give Portugal vineyards a go. It was easy to place an order online and the ability to track its progress is excellent. All my orders have arrived in less than a week .... I think the last one was 4 days ....the order was well packed .....what more can I say ....great service !


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