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Beitrag von Chris Annetts-South England
Just received my second order of port. Now able to get the varieties of port that are not available in England. Great prices and rapid delivery. Will definitely be using this merchant again.

Beitrag von Jason Walker
I thought this site was too good to be true and therefore paid by pay-pal for maximum piece of mind. Reviews on here were mixed but I needn’t have worried. Super speedy delivery and everything I ordered was exactly as described and for an amazingly good p

Beitrag von Peter Collins
Fantastic selection of Portugal Wines delivered to UK. A chance to sample all the regions and styles, lot of Ports and Brandies that are not sold in the UK, such as Pink Port ! Also, many of low price everyday wines as well as top of the range. I just love the large selection; it s the next best thing to visiting Portugal and touring the wine Regions. What will happen after Brexit I wonder; lot s more tax for the UK buyer I imagine. So get while you can and just pay Portugal VAT of 13% !! Delivery to UK just Euro 13 per case of 12.


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